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Have you noticed events, conversations, comments that have made a significant impact in your general perspective were subtle and unobtrusive? Meaning that profound ‘aha’s’ do not have to come with fireworks. A high school teacher would say, ‘If you never had a bad day how would you know what a good day was?’ This idea stuck and has only expanded in its depth of my own understanding. Another was the book, Many Lives Many Masters. It changed my entire point of view. Yet, it was just another book. I’m going to make a guess that these moments happen often. It’s the awareness of the moments that must bring them their status.

Earlier this week I began thinking of moments during a morning walk. Moments that were unexpected. I have been caught up in Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Rory Gilmore has a lot of moments. It makes me wonder if one of the reasons movies, TV, and books are so popular is because we look to them for our moments rather than allowing, living, having, and believing in the possibility and experience of our own moments. Guilty as charged, she thinks to herself.

There is a depth to a moment. A feeling. A sensation. A magic. A pause. A presence. I suppose most moments that get our attention have an element of tragedy to them. And then I suppose we don’t ever want to be reminded of these tragic moments so we ‘stuff’ these moments, avoid these moments, deny these moments. Maybe when we do this, we stuff the experience of moments all together. And perhaps this is where the external and contrived moments come in handy (ie. tv, movies, books).

As I walked and began thinking of fun, unexpected, unexplainable, unplanned moments in my life, I made a point to feel the feeling of the moments I was pondering rather than get caught up in the story the moment held…the recognition that ‘that was then and this is now.’ It’s the feeling and sensation the moment creates that can be so validating and inspiring. This experience of the feeling (sensation, emotion) is evidence that the expansive feeling of possibility, wonder, freedom, magic exists. It happened, that feeling, that experience…it lives inside…it can happen again…and again…and again.

I still have three and a half seasons of Gilmore Girls to watch. I also plan on reading a dozen books and falling in love with a dozen characters or more that live in the pages of these books over the summer months. I will look at pages of magazines that show beautiful spaces and places. I’m going to choose to allow the experience and moments to be what they are and allow the possibility of moments to live in and through me. The media can entice and enhance the feeling of possibility and magic that moments exist everywhere, beauty and possibility exists everywhere. It’s up to me to choose to allow moments to live in, through, and from me and to live in anticipation of subtle, unobtrusive ‘aha’s’ happening all the time…I choose awareness…oh, and appreciation.