I’m pretty sure my favorite feeling is the feeling of possibility.

If I was a brand it would be the brand of possibility.

Possibility is not elusive. Elusive is a cool word, but not a cool feeling.

Elusive is the feeling of something you want always just being out of reach.

Possibility is a feeling that anything can happen, anything is possible.

A feeling.

A feeling is a sensation. A feeling feels something. A feeling feels a sensation inside our body.

The word sensation is made up of the word sense.


I know there are more than five main senses. I have never taken the time to learn much about these additional senses.

Let’s just consider the five common senses and the sensations they create inside of our body.


Consider a beautiful smell.

Consider an awful smell.

Notice the sensations in your body when you do this.

My guess is that when you imagine smelling a smell that you love you feel a good sensation inside.

And then you experience the opposite of that good sensation when you imagine a smell that is awful.

If you pay attention to the experience of sensation, the good smell may have created something inside that ‘feels’ open and free as opposed to closed and captive.

Which sensation is more pleasant?

Isn’t it interesting how you can use your imagination to create sensations in your body?

We take in our environment through our senses.

We have to function subconsciously to move and do life without giving orders for everything (blink, walk, swallow).

What if our subconscious is programmed to react to certain sensations in a way that limits the way we experience our life?

What if when we learn to practice self-awareness we start to have more of an understanding of how we experience and react to various sensations?

Yes, thoughts are powerful.

Intentionally creating thoughts that create good feeling sensation is a great practice.

On the other hand, our sensations undoubtedly create thoughts.

Without awareness of this it can feels like life just happens to us and we have no choice but to just react to whatever comes our way. No control.

What if life is for us?

What if we can flip this around and by intentionally creating pleasant sensations we create pleasant thoughts that create a pleasant reality.

I love this saying and I don’t know where I heard or read it:

‘Are you here to make sense of a reality that was created for you or are you here to create your own reality?’

Here are three questions that I often ask myself:

  1. Who am I and what am I here for?
  2. How do I desire to show up and express myself?
  3. What is the deepest desire of my heart?

A self-care practice could be to take a ‘sensory bath’ every now and then. You can do this by sitting still and using your imagination to create pleasant sensations. Or you can take in the pleasant sensations that are available to you in nature. When you do this see if you can practice compassionate awareness: have the experience the best you can without judgement, comparison, or criticism.

I love this quote as it relates to self-care practices:

“A truly personal search begins when one realizes that to make the process real, one has no choice but to enter into its rediscovery, step by step, accepting nothing as true until it has become true in one’s own experience. One must start from zero, clear an empty space in oneself, and walk the (entire) journey…” – Peter Brook, Threads of Time
(PS. I have no idea who Peter Brook, nor read Threads of Time. I copied the quote from an online writing course I am taking: DailyOm Way of Story Writing Course.)


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