What do I really want?

Taking the time for reflection and then imagining what you really want is hard. Call it what it is. Maybe Self-Care is casually brushed off because of this.

Simple strategy:

  1. Slow down to see things clearly.
  2. Imagine what you want.

Here is a fun and helpful exercise from Shakti Gawain to get you started.

(The following was taken from the ‘Setting Goals’ chapter of a book called Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain)

1.Keeping in mind your present life situation, write down under each of the following categories some things that you would like to have, to change, or to improve upon in the NEAR future.  Don’t think about it too hard; simply write down any ideas that come to your mind as good possibilities.

Personal growth/education:



Creative self-expression:




2. The purpose of that activity was to loosen you up and get you thinking about what you want in various areas of your life.  Now consider this for each category:  “If I could be, do, and have everything I desire, this would be my ideal scene.”  Write as much as you want under each category.  Have fun describing your absolute ideal situation in life, as far as you can fantasize about it.  The purpose of this exercise is to stretch and expand you beyond your present limits, so let your imagination take over and really let yourself have everything you could ever desire.

3. Now add one more category:  World situation/environment.  Describe the kind of changes you would like to see happen in the world in your lifetime, if you could have the power to change things.

4. Allow yourself the opportunity to reread everything you have written and use your imagination (what does it look like, sound like, feel like) and experience what it would be like to live in this world you have created both internally and externally.

Imagine that you gave yourself the freedom to go to the grocery store and buy anything you want – you could make ANYTHING you could imagine for dinner. My guess is that most likely the things you end up with are very familiar to what you often buy. I say this because I made this observation in my own life some years ago. I realized that the same behavioral concept behind this example is relevant to most parts of life. Taking the time to slow down to first recognize this silly behavior is where the shift begins. After you recognize (awareness) then you can do something about it. Imagination is not just for little children and tech start ups. Imagine what kind of experience you would like to have and be open to change.












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